Social Media Tips 2016

Here are some social media tips for 2016 designed to help you have
your best year ever!

1. Build Your Brand and Your Business’s Brand (Separately)

A missed opportunity by many businesses is that they try and market or brand themselves or the business. You want to create as many connections to the top (business). This means placing yourself under the business and finding ways to link back to it. This can be done by:

  • Share Content – The business owner should be sharing the business’s content at least three times a week on their social media feeds. This leverages your personal connections and the ones that your business has.
  • Like Content – Liking content not only shows support for it, but numbers also have power with people online. People that come across content that has a lot of “likes” are more likely to like the content themselves. Consumers are followers and they want what others have.
  • Interact With The Content – Find ways to interact with the content on your business page. This can be done by tagging people that the content will have some meaning or connection with or by posing a question to the posted content to evoke a response or reaction.

2. Leverage Your Network

The key to any successful business is having a FACE that people can connect with your business. Most businesses have a front person, a mascot, or a logo that people can associate a business with. This can be any of the following people:

  • The Business Owner
  • The Sales Team
  • The Marketing Team
  • Or, All of the Above!

Remember, it’s all about creating connections back to your business.

3. Connect and Find INFLUENCERS

We all know people who seem to be everywhere and connected with everyone. Those people are called Influencers and you want them to be a part of your pyramid. They have a huge following across social media and interact with content on a daily basis. You want these people to:

  • Share/Like/Engage with the content on your business page
  • Share/Like/Engage with your content that you have shared from your business page

Most importantly, genuinely like your business and come off as being honest–not supporting you to just support you.

These three tips will get your social media channels SUPERCHARGED and will organically grow your content and get you and your business in front of the people you who can help you market your business.

Need help? We’re always here.

-The AutoWeb Technologies Team