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Whether you own a small, local business or are a large company with a national presence, our Simplesmart PPC® platform is scalable to fit any ad budget. We specialize in lowering Cost Per Click and increasing your conversions for a better ROI.

Take your online advertising to the next level and put our team to work for you today!

Why Simplesmart PPC® Works

Our Process

Supercharge Your Campaign with Retargeting

Why Retargeting Works
A large majority of first-time visitors to a website leave without inquiring or making a purchase.
We target those users after they’ve left your website and re-engage them.

We Provide Reporting Tools
that are Easy to Understand

Track PPC Goals

We efficiently optimize your most lucrative keywords and ads, set a conversion goal and track your month-to-month progress.


Monthly Projections

Project and track monthly spend, conversions and spend per conversion. We track all conversions, including phone calls and web form completions, to report your true return-on-investment.


Top Keywords by Spend

A detailed breakout will show you how much you are spending on each keyword and how your budget is being utilized.

What Our Customers Are Saying…

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the first steps? How soon can I expect results?

First, we conduct a kickoff call to establish clear goals and help determine the right mix of keywords, ad copy, special offers, call-to-action statements, etc. We then connect your website, Google analytics, and Google Adwords to our digital marketing dashboard/lead tracking tool. This can take 1-2 weeks. From there, we build out your campaign with ad groups and ads (with your targeted keywords) and daily budget. After that, you're up and running! Generally, it is about a 3 week process.

Do you do Facebook ads also?

Yes. We can run a combination of FB Ads with Google Adwords if you desire.

How much budget should I allocate?

We recommend starting small and working with our team to determine what you are willing to spend to acquire a new customer. You can always ramp up once you start closing sales.

What do you do in my campaign each month?

Weekly, we monitor your best/poorest performing ad, adgroups, and keywords. We make adjustments, add negative keywords where appropriate and hone your campaign to sharp point for maximum performance.

How will we communicate and how often? What involvement is required from me?

Client involvement is most frequent at the beginning stages of your campaign as we learn your business and develop the strategy & plan. Once things are up and running, provide reports on a weekly & monthly basis as well as regular campaign review meetings. Additionally, we provide an on-demand dashboard that you can access 24/7 for real time metrics.

Who will be working on my PPC Campaign?

We provide a Project Manager, multi-person editing team, as well as a full technical team to execute & manage our system on your behalf.

What changes will you make to my website?

Your campaign may require changes to your existing code for lead tracking, etc. We pride ourselves in making changes proactively that will give you the best results possible, while maintaining an excellent user experience.

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