3 signs that your website annoys visitors

What truly matters in regards to the success of your website for your business is whether or not your site is usable – and to what degree. How can we determine this?

There are a few warning signs that indicate whether information on your site is delivered to users in a way that’s easily digestible and navigable, including:


If your website does not load in an expected amount of time, users will leave. It may sound unreasonable, but it’s true: 47 percent of customers on e-commerce websites expect their site to load in two seconds or less, and 40 percent will abandon a site that takes more than three seconds to load. Do yourself a favor – check out Google’s PageSpeed Tools to make sure your site’s as quick as it needs to be. If it’s not, consider either upgrading your host or cutting excess fat from your site’s pages and plugins. WordPress can get a little bloated sometimes and this causes slow load times.

TMI – Too Much Information

Don’t talk your visitors ears off without giving them something useful. This means that if your site’s loaded up with unnecessary information or the sitemap is filled with too many functions, people are likely to get frustrated and leave. Keep it simple.


We’ve been preaching this for several years now. It’s baffling how many companies still don’t see the importance of mobile. Mobile searches now outrank desktop searches, and smartphones are quickly overtaking computers as the browsing device of choice. If you haven’t taken action to convert your web presence to a platform that is responsive (i.e. supported on all devices), you’re missing the boat.



-Support for mobile users

-A clean, crisp interface

-No excess information; provide users only what you know they’ll want to see

-Fast load times

-A clear and quick brand message throughout

-Professional, high-quality content that is free of mistakes (e.g. broken links, spelling errors)

Now, get it done.

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