Are you boring your customers to death?

6 Seconds….

Statistically speaking, when someone visits your web site you have approximately 6 seconds to do one of two things:

A. Intriguing them into continuing reading or browsing (and possibly calling, making a purchase, or signing up for some sort of offer)

B. Boring them to death and making them leave (maybe never to return!).

Which one would you prefer?

It’s pretty obvious…

What separates the two?

It comes down to something very basic.


You need a compelling reason, offer, or content that has “TEETH”.

By that, I mean something that bites them and compels them to stay, call, make a purchase, or sign up for some sort of offer because it strikes an emotional nerve related to something they want, need, or lack.

AND, this message or offer must separate you from your competitors.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an attorney, an auto repair center, a plastic surgeon, a pizza shop owner, or a chiropractor. As a business owner, it is YOUR JOB to find out what problems (i.e….wants, needs, lacks) your typical customers have.  In other words, what PROBLEM can you solve for them that will make them spend money with you?

Once you figure out what that is, you need to craft your marketing message around that problem AND the solution.

Make it unique, impactful, and useful for them. It has to have some TEETH.

Remember, plain vanilla won’t put a dime of new sales in your company’s pocket or get you the herd of prospects you need.

Once you know what this is, do yourself a favor and build all of your marketing campaigns, web site focus, and all other media related to customer acquisition around this one, central theme:


* Change your web site copy to include this message.
* Change your brochures to include this message.
* Change your direct mail to include this message.
* Change all of your collateral sales materials to include this message (business cards too).
* Change the focus of your consultations and initial conversations with them around this message. You almost need to change the entire sales culture of your organization from ME, ME, ME, to THEM, THEM, THEM.

Stop boring them with why you are so great and why your company is the best.

You know you’re great at what you do.

We know you are as well.

BUT, they don’t.

It’s not their fault. As human beings, we’ve been conditioned to treat new vendors, relationships, offers, etc. with a degree of caution. It’s human nature. We’re bombarded with “BUY THIS!!!” day after day.

Until you become a friend who can help solve their problem, they won’t care how great you are.

Think about it and do something about it.

Guess what? We specialize in corporate dental work (i.e….fixing teeth problems)

If you’re open to some new ways to turn your products and services into a clear cut message that solves your customers problems, call us and let’s get to work at 1.877.490.8324.

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To your success!

Ben Vaughn
Sr. Online Business Strategist
AutoWeb Technologies