83% of Consumers now EXPECT this from your company.

Since April’s recent Algorithm update mandating that web sites be mobile compatible in order to stay atop of the search engines a lot has happened. First, many companies have seen their rankings plummet with Google. Our phones have been busy with “Why is this happening?”. Many times, this is the reason.

Second, a recent survey of consumers by Brightlocal found that 83% of Consumers now Expect Local Businesses to Have Mobile-Friendly Sites. Read this again….83% of Consumers now Expect Local Businesses to Have Mobile-Friendly Sites.

Consumers will no longer deal with the frustration of trying to find and navigate a site that is not mobile compatible. Some additional data from the survey also showed us:

Top types of local businesses they search for on mobile:

  • Restaurants
  • General shopping
  • Doctors & Dentists
  • Clothing shopping
  • Hotels and B&Bs


Those are categories where people are really looking, and they’re using their mobile devices while searching. They’re looking for a better mobile experience. We all know it’s very frustrating when you hit a website, and you have to tab around or zoom in to really try to find a phone number. Maybe it’s not clickable to call or it’s an image based text. This makes it very difficult to actually transact or get on the phone with you and move forward.

The Top 5 Things Consumers Are Seeking (In a Mobile Website):


  • Physical Address
  • Map/Directions
  • Hours of Operation
  • Phone Number, and
  • Prices (when possible)


So those are things you want to make sure that your mobile experience makes it easy to get to.

The top 5 things that will make them abandon a local biz mobile site:

  • No address and/or map feature
  • No phone number
  • The business doesn’t have a local store
  • Bad content, and
  • No pricing info.


Again, remember that anyone who is on their mobile device and is looking for your business, the intent is very high. They’re out and about, they’re looking for a place to go either buy or consume something. Make sure your site is easy to use on a smartphone/device.

Not sure if your site is mobile compatible? Visit this link, enter your web address, and find out.

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 – The AutoWeb Technologies Support Team