8 Reasons why WordPress is so popular

There is hardly a savvy business owner in the world today who has not heard of WordPress. It is an open source content publishing system. In 2003, it was created by merging the platforms built by entrepreneurs/developers Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little. Consequent to its creation, each subsequent upgrade has incorporated powerful features such as mix-and-match plugins, media management, widgets, built in theme installation and static pages.

Autonomy and Plugin Stability

One key element of WordPress plugins is that they do not need other plugins which may or may not need constant updates. This means that the user does not have to spend a lot of time on maintenance and extra monitoring. Online businesses which cannot afford costly maintenance or downtime should always opt for WordPress as their go-to platform. If the database is being backed up manually, an average multi-plug-in update will take about 15 minutes. A backup plugin would reduce that time span to a few minutes with a few seconds required for customary maintenance.

Open Source and Free

WordPress is free to use, redistribute and edit. This is the reason why its original source codes are publicly available. There is no validity limit on WordPress. It is easily downloadable from its official website. The cost comes with design, configuration, and customization of the User Experience.

Great Flexibility and Highly Customizable

WordPress has a flexible framework. It allows developers and designers to modify and create applications and layouts. Its websites are not limited by enterprise extensions.

It Is SEO Friendly

The CMS is written with code which is of very high quality. It leads to semantic markup which in turn makes any site rank higher in search queries. Additionally, WordPress can be further made even more SEO friendly by using the SEO Plugin.

It Is Easy to Use on Any Device

The majority of internet users access the web via their smartphones. This requires companies to have a web presence which is not only mobile friendly, but it is imperative that it is an engaging and enriching experience to their customers on the small screen. WordPress by its very design is 100% responsive and will adapt to any and all screen sizes.


Themes allow users to have a well built and good-looking website at the click of a button. Whether it be a full-featured powerhouse that has pre-populated images and content or minimal and lightweight frameworks, themes run the entire gamut.

Blogging Platform

WordPress is primarily used as a blogging platform that allows web developers and webmasters to use the same to extract external links. This means this platform can greatly benefit any site that they are trying to improve. Today, it is one of the best web content solutions when it comes to blogs and as a content management system, it powers a wide array of business websites. The blogging module can also be used for business reviews, advertisements, announcements, and job boards. With WordPress, the options are unlimited.

Multiple Websites

On the same installation, WordPress allows us to host multiple websites. This greatly reduces cost. As an example, we can create multiple websites for each of our sales agents and control them all from the same installation.

In summary, WordPress is a hugely popular CMS with tens of thousands of developers worldwide offering solutions to their clients. With every passing day, more and more programmers are adopting WordPress as their go-to CMS framework.

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The AutoWeb Technologies Team