5 Strategies To Boost Your Social Media Engagement

With mobile dominating the digital marketing world, it’s important to employ a variety of strategies to grow your audience engagement on social media. Without a solid strategy, you run the risk of being out of touch with your target audience.

In 2019, companies are looking to improve their social media strategies to help drive growth. Here are five strategies you can use to boost engagement this year:

  1. Brand personas. This is a unique personality that your brand possesses. Your brand should connect with a targeted group or demographic. It’s important that you develop a personality that resonates with the group and the audience of the social media channel you’re using. You can have different personas on different channels. You might want a brand persona that’s more vocal and artistic on Instagram whereas you might want to be more commercial and business-focused on LinkedIn.
  2. Have active conversations. A crucial element on social media is to engage with your users while vocalizing your agenda. Social media users aren’t likely to engage with posts that are too sales oriented. Instead, ask for feedback, reviews, use polls, or ask questions. You want to find the right balance between content and promotional info if you want high engagement.
  3. Use your channel as a customer service tool. As mentioned previously, it’s a good idea to ask your social media followers questions/feedback. It’s also a great idea to use your social media channel as a customer service tool. When a follower asks a question about your company or your products/services, make time and reply properly. Other social media followers are watching closely when you make that reply. This will help to reinforce your brand’s reputation and improve social media engagement.
  4. Use social media plugins. There are many different social media plugins for various web platforms that you can use online to increase engagement. Social media plugins make it possible for followers to share posts and content from your brand’s website directly to their own social media pages. This creates a viral effect for your content and is especially beneficial for potential consumers who may visit your website from another user’s shared link.
  5. Use live video. Video marketing is increasing in popularity due to the fact that it increases engagement more than images or posts. Additionally, it’s a faster content delivery medium and it gives users a sense of immediacy. Live videos and streaming content also give your brand a direct interaction with your social media users in real time.