Web Site Design Consultation

is called MALPRACTICE. “

When you schedule a consultation with AutoWeb Technologies, we complete a thorough assessment and diagnosis of what your goals are for your new web site.

We don’t assign you to a “customer service rep” who reads off of a script during a “5 minute meeting”.

Once we complete our initial consultation, we’ll then create a WRITTEN PLAN for you that takes several days on our part.

Your WRITTEN PLAN will include:

  • Our recommendations, based on our expertise, of the type of web site that you’ll find the most success with.
  • A summary of what the major goals are for the web site.
  • A summary of the actual pages and what information each page will contain as well as any other special features.
  • A summary of the type of copy & content that will be on each page as well as how it will be developed.
  • A precise plan of how the web site will be updated, hosted, and maintained.
  • A complete web marketing plan for the major search engines as well as a system of monitoring your site’s performance.
  • If you plan to sell online, we provide a complete e-commerce plan outlining how to collect payments as well as a security plan for keeping customers credit card information secure.
  • A timeframe for completion with milestones and checklists (who’s responsible for what.)
  • A complete price and cost breakdown, along with payment options.
  • No surprises or gimmicks.

How long do our consultations take?

Typically, our consultations about 20-30 minutes.

You can call us directly @ 1-888-MYDOTCOM (1-888-693-6826) or you may use the web form below to get the process started:

I'd like to discuss my website and how to make it better. Please contact me to schedule my professional consultation.


NOTE: We respect your privacy and never share, rent, or sell your information for any reason to any third parties for any reason whatsoever. We hate spam too!