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How high is the fence around your “herd” of customers?

Posted On: 29 August 2012 Posted By: admin

What is the most valuable asset that your business owns? Your building? Your equipment? Your inventory? Your intellectual property? ALL WRONG. Not even the operating capital that you have in the bank is as valuable as this one asset that most business owners overlook…. It is your CUSTOMERS. Once you’ve sold a product or service …

Are you boring your customers to death?

Posted On: 15 August 2012 Posted By: admin

6 Seconds…. Statistically speaking, when someone visits your web site you have approximately 6 seconds to do one of two things: A. Intriguing them into continuing reading or browsing (and possibly calling, making a purchase, or signing up for some sort of offer) B. Boring them to death and making them leave (maybe never to …

Are you missing out on future sales with your web site?

Posted On: 1 August 2012 Posted By: admin

One of the biggest problems I see with companies and their web sites when it comes to generating sales is that they do not “capture” the email addresses of visitors. Most companies expect a visitor to come to their web site and immediately make a call or a purchase. It rarely works that way. It’s called …

What does your web site and Joan Rivers have in common?

Posted On: 18 July 2012 Posted By: admin

It reads like a really bad joke, I know... “What does your web site and Joan Rivers have in common?” Answer: “From time to time, they both need a facelift!” (I won’t quit my day job…) My point is, though, that most business owners build their web sites and let years go by before they …

Don’t miss out on this HUGE segment of potential customers.

Posted On: 27 June 2012 Posted By: admin

It’s hard to believe for some, but experts predict that mobile will overtake desktop PC usage by consumers in the next 24-36 months. Whether they use a smartphone or a tablet PC, consumers are making it clear that they want to be able to take their browsing experience with them on their terms. Statistically, here’s …